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On this site you can find out what's coming up at the Reading Rooms and also get information on forthcoming guest DJ's and live acts.

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Illustration by Mr Scruff

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All Good presents: THEO KOTTIS - Saturday 2nd September 2017
Headway with DAX J (Monnom Black / Electric Deluxe / Soma) - Friday 15th September 2017
BE CHARLOTTE (Doors 7pm) - Tuesday 24th October 2017

All Good presents: THEO KOTTIS
Saturday 2nd September 2017

Here we go, the 2nd half of the year, and what we've got in store is doss. To kick things off we have mr Theo Kottis. Scotlands very own Mr worldwide, having just got off a North American tour, playing every club in the UK worth it's salt and a stint of gigs in India too. Theo has been grafting for years, originally from Edinburgh honing his craft as resident of Fly club. His first releases on Moda Black garnered heaps of attention from big names including Solomun, Skream as well as the big man himself Pete Tong.
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Headway with DAX J (Monnom Black / Electric Deluxe / Soma)
Friday 15th September 2017

We’re delighted to announce one of the most exciting techno DJs around right now making his Dundee debut - Dax J! Dax J is a London born artist, known as a powerful DJ, producer and label boss. His trademark sound is on constant rotation from the biggest DJ’s in electronic music today.
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BE CHARLOTTE (Doors 7pm)
Tuesday 24th October 2017

Be Charlotte is all about the damn good vibes.
TenementTV: She manages to capture the essence of modern day catchy pop yet is the furthest thing from frivolous or throwaway.
TheSkinny: The pastel haired, bespectacled Dundee teenager is a delightful breath of fresh air carving out soulful moments and never wavers in her momentum.
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About us:
Since 2002, the Reading Rooms has been at the forefront of the underground clubscene in Scotland. Housed inside a former public library, with an exposed brick, warehouse-style interior and furnished with original retro decor, the Reading Rooms is home to a tight collective of some of Dundee (and Scotland's) most exciting music promoters who present an eclectic and diverse range of late night party offerings.

With a weekly programme crossing many musical genres including electro, dubstep, reggae, funk and soul, techno to hip hop, rockabilly, dancehall and beyond, it all promises to keep this legendary venue at the forefront of the Scottish underground clubscene. To further enhance your clubbing experience, the Reading Rooms is also home to a top of the range D&B sound system.

Mr Scruff - Reading Rooms - 19/11/2016

Headway with DAX J - Friday 15th September 2017
Headway with DAX J

Headway with DAX J
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This club reminds me of the best little clubs in Japan… and London, we're gonna have some fun tonight.
- Gilles Peterson
Worldwide/Brownswood Productions