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On this site you can find out what's coming up at the Reading Rooms and also get information on forthcoming guest DJ's and live acts.

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Illustration by Mr Scruff

Coming soon: 
All Good All Day with JACKMASTER (Numbers) - Sunday 25th September 2016
ALEXANDER NUT - Friday 30th September 2016
Autodisco Presents...RAY MANG - Saturday 1st October 2016
Hot Cats with PALMS TRAX - Sunday 2nd October 2016
A Night With... OPTIMO (Espacio) - Friday 7th October 2016
Locarno ft. KEB DARGE - Saturday 8th October 2016
All Good presents B. TRAITS - Friday 14th October 2016
DJ DISORDA @ BIG & BROAD - Friday 28th October 2016
Headway with JOY ORBISON (All Night Long) - Friday 4th November 2016
All Good with HANNAH WANTS - Saturday 5th November 2016
MR SCRUFF - Saturday 19th November 2016
EROL ALKAN - Friday 2nd December 2016

All Good All Day with JACKMASTER (Numbers)
Sunday 25th September 2016

For our first All Good All Day party we thought we'd make it a real sesh, and what sesh is complete without Glasgows main party starter, JACKMASTER. Just coming off the back of a choca block summer season, and the release of his latest addition to the DJ-kicks series there are no signs of jack letting up in the slightest.
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ALEXANDER NUT (Eglo Records / NTS Radio)
Friday 30th September 2016

Alexander Nut runs one of the more idiosyncratic outfits on the UK dance music landscape: Eglo Records. The man born Alex Rogers counts singular talents like Floating Points, Fatima and Funkineven as part of his core roster. And while his renowned label—which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary—showcases his strong curatorial voice, he's also an excellent DJ.
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Autodisco Presents...RAY MANG
Saturday 1st October 2016

Autodisco is back!!! Prepare to dance!!! Sir Ray Mang is coming to town... Autodisco are very proud to have finally nailed down their man(g) and to have the legend that is Ray Mang coming to grace the decks at the Reading Rooms. The Man Called Mang is a fantastic DJ, producer, remixer and all round studio boffin...
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Hot Cats with PALMS TRAX
Sunday 2nd October 2016

Filling that void of a Sunday afternoon. For the people wishing they had gone out the night before, and the troops still going. Starting out in the garden of the Reading Rooms; music, barbecue and cocktails at the ready. Moving inside when the sun goes down. We bring the finest selection of disco, house, and pushing into techno. Ending our summer of Hot Cats with a bang, we are bringing crate digger and top selector PALMS TRAX to the Reading Rooms.
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A Night With... OPTIMO (Espacio)
Friday 7th October 2016

Glasgow clubbing institution OPTIMO head back for yet another one of their legendary A Night With...OPTIMO events at the small town club. If you were at the last one then you know how totally bonkers these nights are... OPTIMO DJs JD Twitch & JG Wilkes are two of the most in demand DJs in the world at the moment with a constant touring schedule. So get down and check it out for yourself. OPTIMO UNTIL THE MUSIC STOPS!
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Headway with JOY ORBISON (All Night Long)
Friday 4th November 2016

After years of trying to make this happen, we're delighted to announce that we will finally be welcoming Joy Orbison to Headway! And to make it extra special, it will be an all night long set! Joy O’s brand of garage-house has been celebrated for finding a sound that marries elements of house, two-step, jungle, techno and dubstep.
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Saturday 19th November 2016

As a DJ, Andy Carthy aka Mr. Scruff plays across the board, flitting between soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, reggae, latin, african, ska, disco, house, funk, breaks, soundtracks and loads more...
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Friday 2nd December 2016

Erol Alkan has lived many different guises so far; DJ, remixer, label founder, club promoter, radio host, and each with great success. Keen to keep moving forwards, what, one might wonder, allows Alkan to remain such a vital figure in contemporary music, both in the DJ booth, in the studio and beyond?
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About us:
Since 2002, the Reading Rooms has been at the forefront of the underground clubscene in Scotland. Housed inside a former public library, with an exposed brick, warehouse-style interior and furnished with original retro decor, the Reading Rooms is home to a tight collective of some of Dundee (and Scotland's) most exciting music promoters who present an eclectic and diverse range of late night party offerings.

With a weekly programme crossing many musical genres including electro, dubstep, reggae, funk and soul, techno to hip hop, rockabilly, dancehall and beyond, it all promises to keep this legendary venue at the forefront of the Scottish underground clubscene. To further enhance your clubbing experience, the Reading Rooms is also home to a top of the range D&B sound system.

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This club reminds me of the best little clubs in Japan… and London, we're gonna have some fun tonight.
- Gilles Peterson
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