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(All Night Long) ‘To the Rhythm’
Friday 13th April 2018

Tickets from Groucho's Dundee and Resident Advisor
10:30pm - 3am
***Tickets valid from cancelled date Dec 2016***

Erol Alkan Boiler Room London Residency – Episode 03

Following his recent critically acclaimed 'Reworks Volume 1' collection, and 2017's thirteen-week sell out XOYO residency, Erol Alkan takes the distinct sound of ‘To The Rhythm’ to the Reading Rooms for an all night set.

Erol Alkan has never played by dance music's rules, which might explain how he's lasted so long through changing trends and fickle tastes. Since the halcyon days of 'Trash', his decade long nightclub in London and later, as a resident at Bugged Out, Alkan has long been blending orthodox dance music with unorthodox tastes. Bringing alternative flair to DJ sets, informed by a adolescent diet of psychedelic and indie rock bands, Alkan mixes techno, house and rock music in a way that most other DJs cannot. All of that means these sets are as exciting for techno heads as those on the peripheries of dance music—in other words, Alkan bridges the gap between two musical worlds and shows there doesn't need to be a divide in the first place.

'Reworks Volume 1' is a survey of what makes Erol Alkan one of his generation's most iconic remixers, and puts his a corner of his career into perspective. A success in taking on any source material and melding it into anything else. His philosophy of a remix is to "re-produce" it as if the original never existed, avoiding to transplant a vocal on a contempory dance beat or add a four to the floor 808 kick drum underneath a rock band, instead, taking an considered approach to build something new that offers a different way to look at the music in front of him. A remixer with his own recognizable stamp on everything he reworks, continuing a long tradition that began in the 1970s with artists notable artists Larry Levan, Arthur Baker and François Kevorkian into more recent contemporaries like DFA, Theo Parrish, Dj Koze and Carl Craig.

This collection of reworks illustrates that his distinct style of remixing is just another layer in what makes him special in dance music. Unpredictable, but with a Midas touch — you never quite know what's coming, but you can count on it to be special, something which is shared for his Dj sets and productions, too. Erol Alkan is a dance music artist with an alternative sensibility, a psychedelic approach and a punk outlook—what makes him stand apart in dance music is what makes him one of the genre's most enduring and influential artists...

Erol Alkan NTS 10.11.2017


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